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Research Interests

Prof. Dias research interests are in the area of total synthesis of biologically active and structurally interesting natural products. Some of the natural products synthesized in his lab are: callystatin A, crocacin D, crocacin C, pironetin, prelactone B, spiroketal fragments of spirofungin A and B, and the carbocyclic fragment of stawamycin. In addition, his group has completed the total synthesis of the aspartyl protease inhibitors L-682,679, L684,414, L-685,434, and L-685,458, which also present complex structures.

He is also interested in the development of reactions that are relevant to the synthesis of complex organic structures. In this area, particularly relevant are the contributions regarding the use of boron enolates of methyl ketones in aldol reactions and the addition of chiral allyltrichlorostannanes to achiral and chiral aldehydes.

More recently, Prof. Dias has become interested in theoretical chemistry, especially dealing with orbital interactions and their effects in conformational preferences of cyclic and acyclic systems.

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